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AFL women’s specific warm up

March 21, 2018 by Procare

By Martin Gowdie- Osteopath BSci (ClinSci) MHs (Osteopathy) 

The growth in participation in women’s football in the Geelong region has been so rapid and overwhelming that we have had no choice but to lead the way with helping girls of all ages maximize their output on the football field and to minimize injury.

We developed a warm-up specific for women playing AFL. From what we have seen, the Geelong girls surely are raising the standards in woman’s football and are pushing the boundaries of what is possible. At last, every little girl can now dare to dream about one day playing on the biggest stages, in front of the biggest crowds. Something that only their brothers previously had the luxury of doing. Why can’t they be the next Daisy Pierce bursting through the packs? Or the next Katie Brennan kicking goals through the swings at the park?!?

Well, in order to help these girls take that next step and realize these goals we have to give them the support, skills and development that they need. With the known fact that women have a higher rate of ACL injuries – something that is front-of-mind for all footballers – preventative workouts and warm ups specific to women are the best place to start.

A lot can happen on the football field that can contribute to injuries – we couldn’t possible control all these variable consciously. So, we have to give the muscles, joints and ligaments the strength and flexibility they need to withstand the rigours of such a demanding sport. In particular we have focused on loading the hamstrings dynamically to help decrease the high rate of ACL injury.

Try adding these into your warm up and reap the rewards!

Exercise 1: Lunge with rotation: With speed variation 

Exercise 2: Side shuffle with deep squat: With direction variation 

Exercise 3:  Side shuffle with lunge reach and twist 

Please note, the advice above is generalised and may not be specific to your situation. If you have any specific injuries or are in doubt please contact one of our osteopaths or another health care provider to provide a specific diagnosis and treatment of your condition.

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