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Dry needling can harness our bodies self-healing mechanisms

July 3, 2018 by Procare

Shanti Arwen- Myotherapist

People ask me all the time” How does dry needling work?”… The scholarly answer is so long and boring I promise not to answer it that way…. Better to present it like a short story.

Our bodies are like hospitals, with doctors, nurses and pharmacists ready to cure almost any problem that the body encounters.

Pain in the muscles is often caused by trigger points (knots). A trigger point are a bundle of muscle fibres that are “glued” together and no longer functioning well. Every day activity , not enough rest or water, over or under exercise (life) can cause trigger points. When there are too many trigger points the whole muscle or group of muscles will become heavy, achy, painful and limited.

Our muscles are the most exquisitely designed things I can think of. There are fewer things more beautiful to me than the art and science world of our musculoskeletal homes. They are self contained amazingness and our blood is like a pharmacist running around with everything we need to maintain our general health, including a range of chemicals (medicines) for pain relief, anti-inflammatories, immune system responders….

So…..Basically.. When a dry needle is inserted into a trigger point, the muscle is tricked into thinking it is being ‘stung’ or “damaged” and immediately responds like a medical team in an emergency. It sends histamine to investigate the invader, the histamine does two things, it unglues the trigger point chemically and widens the blood vessels allowing more “medicine’’ to the area. Medicines such as cytokines that reduce inflammation and substance P that reduces pain.

The muscle then communicates with the brain to release enkephalin which has a pain reducing effect over the whole body.

So beautiful, our bodies are divine; and even more astounding, our muscles will continue to release these medicines for 2 days after treatment.

Now if you don’t love needles, no need to worry, soft tissue treatment has a similar effect. All hands on practitioners have  been releasing trigger points with their crafty little fingers forever…. it’s a big part of what we do.

Please note, the advice above is generalised and may not be specific to your situation. If in doubt please contact one of our osteopaths or another health care provider to provide a specific diagnosis and treatment of your condition.

If you are interested to see how dry needling can help you give the clinic a call on 5243-3819 or book online with Shanti or one of our osteopaths at www.pro-care.com.au


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