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Enjoy this beautiful weather, how to fit exercise into a busy schedule

October 28, 2018 by Procare

We’ve all heard it, or even said it ourselves before, “I don’t have time to exercise!” Here are my top tips for putting the excuses aside and just doing it!

Set goals

No-one wants to get out of bed early or stay out late to exercise, but you don’t have to feel motivated if you have a motivation.

Why is it that you want to exercise? Is it to feel healthier? Lose weight? Feel less stressed? Maybe you’re training with the idea to do a marathon?

All of these have one thing in common, they are not very specific! If you are going to have a motivator, it’s needs to be concrete or “SMART”

S: Specific or concrete, the most effective goals are those you can describe easily. Who, what, where?

M: Measurable. How will you know you have achieved the goal? How much? How Many?

A: Achievable. Is it something that you will be able to physically achieve?

R: Relevant. Will achieving this goal help you live a meaningful life?

T: Timing. In what time frame do you want to achieve this goal?

My motivator is staying fit for hiking, but that in itself is not enough to motivate me some days. So I made it SMART. I booked in a 7 day hike for the end of November. For you it might be something like that, or maybe it’s setting a goal weight/ timeline or maybe it’s just that you’d like to be able to pick up the grandkids by christmas.

Put less expectation on yourself

I know I make this mistake myself everytime I get back into exercise. “I must workout 4 times a week for 90 minutes each time”, I’d tell myself. Then I’m motivated for a few weeks and because it’s unrealistic, I eventually stop.

So I put less expectation around it, now I workout 15 mins 4 times a week and one longer workout on weekends when I have time.

Have a plan

Good intentions aside, if there isn’t a concrete plan in place, it’s not going to happen. When can you fit exercise into your schedule? When will it not feel like a burden? For how long at a time?  

For me, it meant getting up 30 minutes early on week days and 1 day of the weekend.

Putting it together: An example template

Putting all of the above together, this is what I do. This won’t work for you, but use it as a template of how to create YOUR exercise program.

Number of days I want to work out: 5 Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Sunday
Workout time and length Before work, 15 minutes.

Set alarm 30 mins early.

Before work, 15 minutes.

Set alarm 30 mins early.

Before work, 15 minutes.

Set alarm 30 mins early.

Personal trainer, 30 minutes. 12 pm, First thing in morning, 45 minutes, 8am.
What am I going to do Gym. 2 exercises only.

Squats and shuffle run.

Gym. 2 exercises only.

OHP and Rows

Gym. 2 exercises only.

Deadlifts and knee control

HIIT/ TABATA with PT.   Longer workout.

Cardio (HIIT), chest movement, back movement, lunge movement.

Why am I working out:

I have a hike booked in November (specific, timing) and I want to make sure I am fit enough to climb the 2000m altitude (measurable, achievable), because hiking is something that is important to me (relevant).

If you are wanting to put together a plan like the above, but hit a roadblock, the team at Procare Geelong are more than happy to help! Give us a call on 03 5243 3819. Please note, the advice above is generalised and may not be specific to your situation. If in doubt please contact one of our osteopaths or another health care provider to provide a specific diagnosis and treatment of your condition.

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