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Staying active in the thick of winter

June 24, 2019 by Procare0

Stephanie Cations- Osteopath
Bachelor of Applied Science (Complementary Medicine)
Masters in Osteopathy

It’s official. Winter is here. It’s cold, grey and so tempting to just want to curl up on the couch with the heater on and eat soup everyday. Or if you’re like me lay on the floor in front of the fire and bask in the warmth like a cat.

Being an Osteopath now for over 7 years I’ve noticed a couple of trends with what people present with and at what time of the year. I noticed that over the warmer months we can naturally get a renewed motivation to get out and about or start a new exercise regime. I mean the suns out, the days are warmer and longer it’s a good time of the year! But sometimes, even though the intentions are great, that that “nothing to all” approach can sometimes end in some more overuse/incorrect loading issues resulting in unwanted aches, pain and frustrations from having to rest after starting such a positive routine. It can be a result from “New Years resolutions” a need for a “summer body” or the start of intense sporting pre seasons after a very relaxed off season.

In winter, I’ve noticed we tend to see more stiffness, aches and pains from being less active, as we naturally want to hibernate, and therefore move less.

But what if there was a happy medium? What if we thought of staying active in winter as a way to get more out of ourselves when the weather warms up?
As we all know exercise is good for us both physically and mentally so to me it’s important that if you’ve put in so much effort and hard work to getting a good exercise regime when the weathers good, keep up the momentum even when it’s cold.

Here’s a little pep talk to help you stay motivated in the cold.

As we all know things don’t stop for winter. We still have to get up and about to do the usual every day things such as go to work, get the kids to childcare and school or just get to the supermarket. So how do we combat /plan to get out to get those jobs done? We just chuck the coat on, maybe a beanie and scarf and we just do it.
So we should take that same approach when it comes to our winter exercise. If you’re a walker or runner. Get the beanie/gloves, coat, spray jacket, whatever you need on and just get out there and go. You’ll find you’ll warm up and it’s generally not as bad a we think. I’ve even got a coat for my precious greyhound Tigger which means he still gets out and doesn’t follow me around the house all day haha.

Keep going to the gym. If you’re a gym goer and it’s hard to get out of bed in the morning when it’s cold give yourself the pep talk. It’s only cold going from the house to the car, car to inside of the gym once you’re inside it’s all good and you’ll thank yourself later for getting there.

If you really can’t leave the house we’re so lucky with technology these days that there are plenty of reputable you tube channels that have yoga, Pilates sessions so whip out the matt in the living room and get to moving.

Obviously if you’re struggling with aches and pains preventing you from getting active then a trip to one of our friendly practitioners will aim to get you moving again. Otherwise keep the coat and beanie close and keep moving in the cold as it might just set you up to hit the ground running and get more out of yourself, and potentially less time on the sidelines when the weather is warmer.

Please note, the advice above is generalised and may not be specific to your situation. If in doubt please contact one of our osteopaths or another health care provider to provide a specific diagnosis and treatment of your condition.

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